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Meranti Wood for Plywood Production

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Meranti is a wood material of many species that genus named commonly as Shorea, Philippine mahogany, White Lauan and more. It is a hardwood made in angiosperm trees with mild color as gray or yellow, and dark red at some harvest, golden brown on its ages. It contains silica in the wood so it looks dull effect but reddish in blending. But it has straight grain consistency to produce long and straight lumber pieces which are used for furniture, molding, doors, windows, cabinets, structure framing, trim, etc. And it is mainly used as veneers (thin layers or plies of wood) for making plywoods which are used for industry, building works, decorations, furniture and more.

Meranti wood is a commercial product used for low cost furniture sales and durable in outdoor applications. This wood is harvesting in the Philippine Islands, North India, Malaysia, Indonesia and South East Asia. Literally, this tree is available more in the Philippine from the Philippine mahogany species. It is easy to cut, mills and sands. Meranti wood has medium strength, stable and durable. Even though it is mild, meranti is a worldwide commercial wood for production.

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